Need to find acapellas to remix or just create an acapella ?

Do you search very often to find acapellas to remix and you suspect that it may be possible to create acapella from existing songs?


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A music producer who wants to become famous doesn’t have too many options to promote himself. One popular option is to make a super hit remix of an existing song. But he must find acapellas to remix.

There are a few sources for acapellas:

  • To download a studio acapella which leaked from a studio.
  • To ask from a label to give him an acapela and the rights to make a remix (They will not give you if you are not famous with good reputation in remixes )
  • To create yourself (or someone else for you) an acapella from an existing commercial song.

Creating acapella needs some skills (ok it is not something extremely difficult) and some luck, because every song (in fact every kind of recording and mixing) gives a different quality acapella.

In order to understand how to create an acapella lets describe how we make the opposite of that. A karaoke…!

The trick is to reverse the left channel of a track and sum it to the right. Then the mono instruments (that are positioned in the center of the stereo field) are cancelled, and the stereo are preserved. That means that voice and bass kick and snare are canceling (which is usually panned center) and all other instruments are preserved. The problem is that we want bass and kick , and also some stereo instruments are not equally panned left and right. So we must make custom selection in the frequency spectrum that we must apply the above trick, and turn on some high pass filters to protect bass and kick from cancelation.

The reverse procedure of what i described above is the trick to make an acapella.


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Then it is up to producers skills to cover with his beats and loops and instruments, the remaining audible instruments and every other sound defects (sometimes a flanging effect is audible)  that spoils the overall sound. It is much harder than remixing official studio acapellas because some time you must add instruments and effects that you dont need, but you do it only because you must cover…noises.


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