Soundcloud changes. How to be protected

Soundcloud transforms to a repository for original music material than the djs community we used to know until now.

Its new policy of deleting tracks and user who uploads tracks that violate royalties, have to worry all of us and take some actions to protect ourselfs.

Here is some advice:

  • Don’t upload edits, mixtapes or remixes. Unless this material is originally yours…
  • Check your past uploads. Sc doesn’t delete only current and future uploads. Don’t forget that for three penalties SC will delete you!
  • Backup your tracks. I was always felt that i am safe keeping my music uploaded in SC , but SC is no the cloud service for our music we imagined. Make backups today. You will probably save past work that is not any more in your hard disks.
  • Move to a new “soundcloud” but keeping always to protect yourself as above . Perhaps mixcloud, mixcrate, house-mixes will work fine for some period of time.

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