Is fiverr a Scam?

Do you think that fiverr is a scam?   If you think fiverr is a scam please check the following link.   Is Fiverr a Scam?   (Success story …alert! Please read below.) Fiverr is not a scam. Fiverr is one of the cheaper and most quality freelancers platform. If you clicked on the link you[…]

Need to find acapellas to remix or just create an acapella ?

Do you search very often to find acapellas to remix and you suspect that it may be possible to create acapella from existing songs?   [the_ad id=”138″]   A music producer who wants to become famous doesn’t have too many options to promote himself. One popular option is to make a super hit remix of an existing[…]

Dj types-part 1 (humor)

The dusty Dj It is the dj who believes that music stopped in 1995. He refuses to follow developments and can not accept that there have been some music diamonds written in the past 20 years. He almost completely refuses to play house music and if they happen to do so, it will be from[…]

Lazy House

My topic today is a … new music genre. The “Lazy house” !!! “Lazy House” music genre created the same date that torrents, tube rips, soundcloud rips e.t.c  was born. It is that genre that you need only half an hour of downloading on your pc, to collect enough songs for a whole night dj[…]

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