Is fiverr a Scam?

Do you think that fiverr is a scam?


If you think fiverr is a scam please check the following link.


Is Fiverr a Scam?


(Success story …alert! Please read below.)

Fiverr is not a scam. Fiverr is one of the cheaper and most quality freelancers platform.

If you clicked on the link you may have seen all this thousands or may i say millions REAL user reviews.

Of course they are not fake. They are real people who grow their small business with very low budget and high quality services.

  • They are people who order a HQ logo for 5-10$
  • Website owners who made quality explainer videos for only 20$
  • They are low budget project managers who hired affordable experts and made a scale up.

Fiverr is the reason of my own success story.

I made this web radio  using only fiverr freelancers. It is a paid radio service for cafe bars or restaurants.

Fiverr is the reason i succeed in my personal web based projects because I found cheap and quality ways to create my:

  • Logo
  • whiteboard animations,
  • explainer videos,
  • email marketing
  • voice overs
  • screen recording explainer videos
  • and custom php and javascript code.


Some people believe that it cost you thousands to make your website.

In fact in a marketplaces like Fiverr:

  • you can make a website with less than 100$ in less than a week,
  • maintain a quality youtube vlog edited by professionals with commercial quality (audio and video) with 5-10$ per gig,
  • and engage audiences via social media marketing and “pay per click” advertising for extremely low prices

Did you know that the same fiverr freelancers charge 1000% higher rates in the real world? but this is normal because fiverr send them more buyers than they have in the real world.

Hire experts for the technical part of your project and focus on your content, your articles, your copies .

But don’t forget that in fiverr you can also hire some really quality article authors and expert copywriters for 5-20$ only who will produce the best content for your buisness. 

My personal rating to fiverr is 5 STARS.

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